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Petrochemicals & Power Experience

Our work extends further downstream into petrochemicals, power generation, and other key areas of the energy chain.

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A private equity company

considering an investment in a provider of compliance employee certification services for refining, E&P, petrochemicals, and the refining industries asked us to provide a phase 1 assessment of the Target’s business, including an evaluation of its financial condition, review of industry drivers including those regarding employment and employee testing, operator perspectives on purchasing these services, and key risks to the business. The client used this information to determine whether and how to proceed to purchase an equity stake in the Target.

Developed the value realization analysis for a new enterprise resource planning system for a large manufacturing firm.

Worked with process area teams focusing on order-to-cash, plan-to-produce, and other areas to identify specific client benefits, such as reduced working capital, faster customer service, and lower back office costs. The client used the results of the work to justify a multi-million information systems investment and target $120+ million in annual benefits.

Assessed the chemicals industry’s efforts

to address carbon dioxide emissions and climate change in an in-depth benchmarking study. Our client, a large international chemicals producer, asked us to understand what its peers were doing with respect to CO2 emissions and climate change. The detailed benchmarking study we developed addressed numerous issues related to emissions strategies, market impact, governance, emissions metrics, and other climate change issues. The client used the results to shape its own strategies in this important area.

Analyzed the fiscal and employment impact of a proposed African alumina refinery.

Developed a model predicting the number of direct and indirect jobs the project would bring to an underdeveloped country. The project involved review of the country’s fiscal regime, comparable projects, and World Bank and IFC standards and guidelines. The client used the results of the study to describe the benefits of the project to governmental organizations and international lenders in an effort to secure financing.

Led a client user group task force

to analyze the effectiveness of a company’s information systems and infrastructure. Interviewed approximately 80 information system users at all levels of the company in multiple geographic locations. Researched and evaluated many different information systems and options and developed an understanding of the IT industry. The study resulted in a significant new direction for the client’s IT group.

Created a market entry strategy for a large energy company’s new independent power production (IPP) subsidiary.

The effort included detailed analysis of comparable projects and the project financing opportunities in the current market. Country-specific analyses and fuel type comparisons helped shape the client’s international strategy. The client used the results of the study to target specific countries and projects as it entered the business.

One of the world’s largest national oil companies (NOC’s)

needed help designing a new industrial city. We analyzed development and planning strategies for natural gas, petrochemicals and metals projects for the Middle Eastern country to help monetize its significant natural gas reserves and production. Developed detailed economic models, import/export forecasts, and infrastructure requirements for the projects under study. The client used the results of this work to plan future industrial development.

A large integrated oil and gas firm

needed help deciding whether and how to enter the international independent power production (IPP) industry. We completed a full analysis of the sector and helped the client develop strategies that built on the client’s strong natural gas position and utilized its strong financial position. A key element was the creation of a detailed financial model that projected the client’s IPP results, including the effect of project financing for individual IPP opportunities. The client used the results of this work to guide its entry into the business.