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HEA: Energy Consultants Who Listen

Energy executives need a sounding board who can help them identify and solve problems and improve results. With 25+ years of experience across the hydrocarbon chain, Mike Haney and his team help energy professionals meet their goals for their companies – and themselves.

We aim to make the process of solving business problems as easy as possible. We listen to you and hear your challenges and problems. This way we can read between the lines and help see hidden issues. We listen first, then speak.

From there, we help you implement. Our team of senior advisors knows the best ways to bring new capabilities to your team – helping ensure key changes “stick” and building the strengths of your own team.

Brief Videos Detailing Specific Energy Project Experience

Selected Project Experience


Trusted advisor and consultant to all of the major oil companies; many national oil companies in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America; and oilfield services firms large and small.

Experience across the full hydrocarbon chain: upstream, midstream, downstream refining & marketing, oilfield services, petrochemicals and LNG.

Upstream: Natural Gas Value Chain

A large international energy firm wanted to develop a significant investment strategy across multiple industry segments, including upstream, pipelines, LNG, power and gas distribution. We evaluated a series of multi-billion dollar natural gas infrastructure projects in South America, including gas E&P, pipeline compression, local gas distribution, LNG liquefaction and others. The resulting financial model included a variety of financing and currency exchange algorithms that helped the client evaluate specific financing strategies. The client used the results of this work to determine which parts of the value chain and which individual projects to develop.

Downstream: Refinery Feasibility

A large Latin American national oil company wanted to analyze whether and how to modernize and upgrade its largest crude oil refinery. The refinery feasibility study we completed helped determine the optimal future configuration for the refinery. After developing a 20+ year forecast of crude and product prices for the refinery, we created detailed linear programming models of each proposed refinery configuration, and then developed extensive economic models to evaluate and compare these options. The client used the results of the work to assess whether and how to move the project forward.

Upstream: R&D Assessment

A large international oil company wanted to improve its R&D strategy. We developed an upstream technology R&D spending benchmarking study encompassing several major international oil companies, allowing our client to see how its technology spending in the upstream area compared to that of its IOC peers. The questionnaire addressed subsurface and surface technology spending, reviewed sources of funding for R&D projects, and analyzed technology staff demographics and specialization data across the survey participants. The client used the results of the study to justify and enhance its own R&D spending in this area.

Downstream: Refinery Improvements

A supermajor oil company in partnership with a national oil company needed to identify improvement opportunities in a jointly owned refinery. The “Phase 0” business process redesign assessment for the Middle Eastern refinery included a detailed review of line and staff activities, benchmarked performance against industry standards, and identified specific improvement opportunities. The client used the results of this work to negotiate multi-million dollar savings opportunities with its national oil company partner.

Downstream: RINs and RFS2

An international integrated refiner and marketer struggled with $100+ million in RINs costs. We developed an innovative approach to managing its biofuels blending and compliance. After reviewing its current approach to RFS2 and RINs strategy compliance, we proposed several strategies to maximize benefits and impact for the client. The client uses the results of this work to yield $15+ million in upfront and $20+ million in annual benefits.

OIlfield Services: Private Equity M&A

We completed commercial due diligence analysis for a private equity firm interested in acquiring a target company, a leading provider of electrical & instrumentation and transmission & distribution services to the North American energy infrastructure market. The client needed additional information regarding the target’s current strategy, product demand drivers, position with current clients, sector competitive position and intensity, supplier relationships, and service offerings. The information helped the client develop an informed view of the value of the target and helped it as it considered whether and how to make an offer to the target.

Offshore: FPSO Development

An oil exploration and production company in the early stages of developing its first floating production systems engaged us to help improve its understanding of the FPSO development, construction and operations market. We provided an independent perspective on the best ways to engage with FPSO leasing contractors to create robust and repeatable projects and overviewed recent industry experience regarding contracting structures, component procurement, owner behavior and other factors related to FPSO’s. The client used the results of this analysis to help it develop an FPSO development strategy and approach to help it bring its significant reserve finds to market.

Oilfield Service: Tubular Goods

An American subsidiary of one of Japan’s major integrated trading and investment business enterprises looking to increase their market share in the pipe business engaged us to produce an acquisition analysis & review to help them develop a better understanding of the potential acquisition targets in the pipe and pipe-related markets, with a special focus on midstream and downstream areas. We reviewed the client’s strategy, current business, segmented the pipe market, reviewed the industry and provided acquisition analysis on targets based on the data. This study helped the client’s Tubular Products Group identify and research specific potential acquisition targets that could help it meets its aggressive growth targets during the next decade.

Upstream: Crude Valuation

A mid-sized exploration and production company needed help renegotiating its crude oil sales agreement with its South American host country’s national oil company. We used a complex refinery linear programming tool to value the client’s crude based on local refinery capabilities. The client used our analysis as support for its position, and the parties negotiated a favorable settlement.

Petrochemicals: Carbon Emissions

Assessed the chemicals industry’s efforts to address carbon dioxide emissions and climate change in an in-depth benchmarking study. Our client, a large international chemicals producer, asked us to understand what its peers were doing with respect to CO2 emissions and climate change. The detailed benchmarking study we developed addressed numerous issues related to emissions strategies, market impact, governance, emissions metrics, and other climate change issues. The client used the results to shape its own strategies in this important area.

Power Generation: IPP

A large integrated oil and gas firm needed help deciding whether and how to enter the international independent power production (IPP) industry. We completed a full analysis of the sector and helped the client develop strategies that built on the client’s strong natural gas position and utilized its strong financial position. A key element was the creation of a detailed financial model that projected the client’s IPP results, including the effect of project financing for individual IPP opportunities. The client used the results of this work to guide its entry into the business.

Oilfield Services: Rental Equipment

A company that rents and services surface equipment to oilfield customers in several different US land basins – in particular, natural gas fired generators mounted on trailers that deliver power to producing land wells and drill sites – seeking to better understand how its customers elect to power their drilling and production operations engaged us to provide an analysis of the space. The research included an in-depth analysis of customers, electrical utilities, competitors, and an economic analysis of the space. The client used the results of this work to better identify the most attractive potential customers and build a stronger business case to justify this power generation approach.

Proven Process & Philosophy

We start with an initial call or meeting, listening to your specific challenges and needs and understanding where you are now – and where you want to go.

From there, we discuss possible solutions, leveraging deep industry knowledge across the hydrocarbon chain.

When the time comes for action, we are ready to help you implement solutions. Our team listens to you to create the implementation plan that makes sense for your organization, schedule and budget.

Improving Your Situation

When was the last time you were able to really talk to someone objectively and confidentially about the challenges in today’s market and operations?

What isn’t getting done? What is keeping you from reaching your and your firm’s potential? What is stopping you from moving your company forward?

Clients want focused solutions to their and their firm’s problems. The key is listening: what are your key challenges? What market or operational conditions are you facing?

The primary purpose of a consultant is to improve the client’s situation. We bring a lifetime of consulting and business experience to you – to focus on specifically how we can identify key needs and help improve your situation.

You already know how to feel bad about your team’s and your firm’s performance – even if you are falling short of your true potential for success. What would it feel like to know that key parts of your organization are under control and challenges were on the way to being resolved?

While it’s easy to get bogged down in handling details, that habit can keep you from having the creative breakthroughs needed to improve performance. Our approach can help.

Typical Engagement: Four Steps

The Haney Energy Advisors team knows how frustrating it can be to engage consultants
and gain their insights and input in an effective and cost-effective manner.

Our engagement approach addresses these challenges in a step-wise manner:

Initial meeting

  • Listen
  • Explore your key challenges and goals
  • Consulting example on a specific issue

Evaluation stage

  • Tight and focused timeframe
  • Generally 1-2 weeks, fixed retainer
  • Complete transparency on fees

Assessment & planning

  • Again: tight and focused timeframe
  • Generally 1-2 weeks, fixed retainer
  • Key deliverable: presentation of proposed action plan

Implementation stage

  • Focused and directed by you, facilitated by HEA
  • At all times, you are in charge
  • End the process at any time, or continue

Addressing Business Challenges with a Trusted Advisor

While every business and professional problem is unique, they present themselves in three general flavors:

  • Resources – people, assets, tools, brand names, and relationships used in your business
  • Processes – methods, procedures, and ways of completing tasks and delivering value to customers
  • Priorities – strategies and methods to ensure the right issues get the correct amount of attention
Which of these areas are giving you the most headaches now? Which problems aren’t getting taken care of – especially now, after staff and resource cutbacks?

With a collaborative and focused approach, we can work together to address these issues and put you and your firm on the right track again.

Executives can also benefit from further mentoring and communications – providing a confidential and experienced “sounding board” to test new ideas and approaches and continuously improve performance and engagement.

Our team has worked at all levels of consulting organizations, leading projects and delivering real results to clients for 20+ years.

Key Results

Our team focuses on improving your condition – and delivering tangible results fast.
We do this by actively listening to you and understanding your situation.

Consider these specific examples of how we could help improve performance at your company:

On-call confidential sounding board for you and your executive team. Fixed retainer allows unlimited access for selected executives to gain insights and perspectives, test new ideas, and develop confidence in a no-risk and confidential manner. Your executives will develop fresh approaches and move ahead faster, improving company performance.

Assessing your team: help new and experienced division and company leaders build and move their teams toward significantly improved performance. As a company leader – or private equity executive – you aim to help your people grow and perform at the highest level. Our approach includes surveys, interviews, feedback, facilitation and action steps, repeated at regular intervals to ensure long-term team improvement.

High-impact consulting advice for brief focused projects. We focus on helping clients get things done – even after staff and resource cutbacks at your firm. Select one or more critical tasks that aren’t getting done now and we can find a way to complete them quickly and effectively, allowing you and your team to improve performance in your firm.

Project feasibility studies – providing an objective and independent vetting of big new capital projects or new business ventures. Our experienced team provides a discreet and focused review of proposed new investments, identifying key positive and negative factors that may result. After a fast and focused review – in as little as 1-2 weeks – you can move into new projects and business with confidence – or avoid costly corporate wrong turns.

Provide an additional communications channel for key employees and staff in your organization. Unleash the ideas trapped within the layers of your firm, vet new ideas faster, and help your executive team gain new perspectives on how to push new ideas and approaches forward, yielding improved company performance and speed.

Create, implement and facilitate peer support groups within your organization. With a specific program of setting up and facilitating cross-functional groups within your firm, you can improve employee engagement, morale, communication and overall performance while helping your next generation of staff develop new skills.

Boosting private equity portfolio returns with a fast and focused assessment of portfolio company performance. Our team works discreetly and professionally with private equity and management team members to identify key improvement opportunities and revenue generation methods. We can combine the ability to identify low hanging fruit opportunities with execution – leading to improved PE relationships with company management and maximum company performance and portfolio returns.

Mentoring and communications help for senior executives. Key senior and mid-level managers can benefit from a confidential sounding board, helping them think about key challenges and skills development needs. Allows for greater investment in and engagement with key senior and mid-level managers, improving their capabilities and reducing costly turnover. Provides improved succession planning and overall individual and corporate performance improvement.

Focused diagnostic to identify key challenges and improvement opportunities at any level within your business. We combine our ability to listen with deep industry and organizational experience and bring that to your internal teams, helping them address key performance challenges. Fast and discreet, with benefit indications in as little as 3-5 days.

Understand your clients’ view of your products and services. We use direct interviews, surveys and other tools to communicate with your clients and gain objective feedback on your firm’s offerings – including the value you create for them, what works and what doesn’t with your current relationship, and potential new areas of value creation you can provide them. This helps identify new business opportunities for your sales team, allowing continued growth in revenue and company performance.

Work within divisions or across your company to encourage communication and candor. Through a series of interviews, surveys, facilitated workshops and other tools, we can help develop and improve communication across and within your organization, leading to improved teamwork and company performance.

Contact us to learn more, and let’s start a conversation today.

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