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Video Case Studies

These brief video presentations describe how we added value in specific client engagements.

Research & Development

Upstream R&D Strategy and Competitive Assessment

A large international oil company wanted to improve its R&D strategy. We developed an upstream technology R&D spending benchmarking study encompassing several major international oil companies, allowing our client to see how its technology spending in the upstream area compared to that of its IOC peers. The questionnaire addressed subsurface and surface technology spending, reviewed sources of funding for R&D projects, and analyzed technology staff demographics and specialization data across the survey participants. The client used the results of the study to justify and enhance its own R&D spending in this area.

Unconventional Resources

Assessment of SAGD & Other Hydrocarbon Resources

A large Latin American country’s energy ministry needed an in-depth assessment of its unconventional energy resource potential. Assessed the resource base for coalbed methane, tar sands, shales, and other hydrocarbon resources in the country, identified best international practices, and proposed new regulations to encourage development of these resources.

Oilfield Services

Precision Machining Private Equity Due Diligence

A provider of oilfield services in North America, which recently purchased stakes in three separate firms that provide machining and manufacturing services to the energy industry, engaged us to provide analysis of the precision tool and premium parts markets and help them develop a business plan and strategy for the next five years. Our study helped the Company understand the market potential for its goods and services and how this potential might evolve over the next five years. The company used the results of our report to improve upon its strategy, its market penetration, the range of services provided, and increase revenues and operating income over the next years.

Chemicals Producer

Climate Change and Carbon Capture and Storage

Assessed the chemicals industry’s efforts to address carbon dioxide emissions and climate change in an in-depth benchmarking study. Our client, a large international chemicals producer, asked us to understand what its peers were doing with respect to CO2 emissions and climate change. The detailed benchmarking study we developed addressed numerous issues related to emissions strategies, market impact, governance, emissions metrics, and other climate change issues. The client used the results to shape its own strategies in this important area.

Downstream Strategy

Renewable Fuel Standard: RINs Optimization

An international integrated refiner and marketer struggled with $100+ million in RINs costs. We developed an innovative approach to managing its biofuels blending and compliance. After reviewing its current approach to RFS2 and RINs strategy compliance, we proposed several strategies to maximize benefits and impact for the client. The client uses the results of this work to yield $30+ million in upfront and $10+ million in ongoing annual benefits.