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Offshore Vessels & Platforms Experience

Our experience extends beyond the water’s edge, addressing offshore drilling and production activities on all types of fixed and floating platforms.
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A major manufacturer of comprehensive systems and components for the oil and gas industry

engaged to complete an FPSO market analysis project addressing whether the same types of integrated, standardized approaches the company has used in the drillship market will address the needs of the FPSO sector. Through analysis and interviews with market participants we tested several key business hypotheses related to FPSO project delays, leasing challenges, and potential for standardization. As a follow up to the project we developed additional content related to the findings and published a “white paper” on integration and standardization trends in the FPSO sector. These materials will help the client build its case with potential customers to develop FPSOs faster and more efficiently.

A leading, North American ship building company

investigating opportunities for future work identified the energy market as suitable for entry with specific focus on the offsite manufacturing and construction of engineered modules and commissioned us to sufficiently review and define the market for engineered modules. We conducted a complete review of the global market for downstream facility construction services and included a detailed examination of competitors in the construction space (both US-based and international), principal customers and supply chain analysis, providing critical strategic insight to the client. The client used this information when deciding whether to enter the market.

We completed a market forecast of overall demand for offshore vessels and subsea hardware for the oil & gas sector for a designer and builder of heavy construction equipment for the world’s leading onshore and offshore companies.

Our report included a five year demand forecast for offshore vessels and subsea hardware for the oil & gas sector as well as analysis of current crane capacity. The client used the results of this study to better understand current and future crane demand.

A Texas based Liftboat company

engaged us to provide industry insight and data regarding key infrastructure such as the existing population of fixed platforms in target regions in addition to relevant future projects. We covered the Arabian Gulf, West Coast African, Australia, Brazil, the Caspian Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, India, South East Asia, Malaysia and Venezuela and provided the platform name, operator, water depth, status, installation year, and size for platforms in each region. The client used this information to strategize their future growth strategy.

A large independent operator

needed information about specific countries regarding drilling rig availability, supply/demand, day rates, and other market intelligence related to the exploration sectors in these countries. The IOC needed this information in advance of actually entering the market in order to keep its plans confidential. The client used this information to help it enter and expand into new countries while more aware of drilling rig supply, demand, rates and availability in local markets. This helped the IOC’s business units improve their business success and profitability as they considered entering new markets.

A company focused on responding to deepwater well control incidents

engaged us to provide a market analysis of the FPSO sector in support of a preliminary go/no-go decision on the viability of a specialized proposed FPSO configuration. We identified key drivers for offshore energy production market activity, identified and analyzed specific FPSO projects in the US Gulf of Mexico, Africa, & Brazil, analyzed key factors driving FPSO demand in the GoM and other regions, forecasted FPSO demand in the GoM, and provided initial recommendations on feasibility of the client’s FPSO concept based on the previous information. The client used this decision to evaluate how to best proceed with their concept.

An oil exploration and production company

in the early stages of developing its first floating production systems engaged us to help improve its understanding of the FPSO development, construction and operations market. We provided an independent perspective on the best ways to engage with FPSO leasing contractors to create robust and repeatable projects and overviewed recent industry experience regarding contracting structures, component procurement, owner behavior and other factors related to FPSO’s. The client used the results of this analysis to help it develop an FPSO development strategy and approach to help it bring its significant reserve finds to market.

A leading manufacturer of comprehensive systems and components for the oil and gas industry

asked us to lead and facilitate an industry roundtable discussion with key customers, developers, engineers, equipment suppliers, and others active in the FPSO market resulting from an analysis of the FPSO market we completed for the manufacturer. Our discussion involved a review of the key findings of our industry whitepaper which outlined the market as well as an assessment of the company’s recent projects and a discussion of proposed hypotheses on more efficient development of selected projects. The client used the results of this facilitated discussion to better understand the perspectives of various participants and to develop better relationships with potential customers.

A rig contractor with a large fleet of standard specification jackups

interested in entering the Mexican market engaged us to develop a white paper highlighting the uses and benefits of standard class specification drilling equipment. The white paper included a discussion of the benefits of standard specification jackup rigs and how they are uniquely suited to the needs of NOC Petrobras. The client will use the white paper as part of its marketing approach to use in business development and sales activities that support its business model. This will help it better identify specific customer opportunities and lead to increased sales and financial performance.

A large crane manufacturer

engaged us to review the floating production system (“FPS”) market in Brazil. The client manufactures a range of equipment (cranes, winches, anchor handling etc.) for floating production systems such as FPSO’s. We developed a detailed forecast of activity in this space, including project-by-project updates. The client used the results of this work to improve its forecast of equipment sales from its South American facility, thus leading to higher operating income in this business segment.

A leading worldwide provider of equipment and components used in oil & gas drilling and production services and other oilfield services

asked us to conduct a market review and analysis of floating production systems market. We reviewed the current FPSO supply chain, recent FPSO project history, and assessed future development options for FPSOs. The engagement helped our client understand the current state of the floating production, storage, and offloading vessels (FPSO) market, identify specific areas where it is currently underperforming and/or inefficient, and determine whether an alternative method of delivering FPSOs on a more-standardized basis will be attractive to operators and other market participants.