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Insights, observations and thoughts on the energy sector and related industries. 

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Pasadena Fashion Advice: Refiners on the Runway

Many downstream organizations suffer from “R vs. M” instead of “R&M” – their refining and marketing groups can often work in silos. One key difference relates to apparel. As a young boy, I was amused and intrigued by the outfits my grandfather wore when working...

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The US Will Not Be Able to Compete with Gazprom in Europe

I always like to hear arguments from the other side. Here is an interesting and provocative article claiming that US LNG will NOT be competitive in Europe. Paragraph 5 actually implies it HELPS Europe that its gas supply is under the thumb of Russia's president....

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Silos: Getting Away from Refining vs. Marketing

Downstream energy organizations encompass two wildly different sectors: refining and marketing. In some cases, these differences can create an “us versus them” mentality – which leads to less efficiency and lower profitability overall. Refiners turn raw crude oil into...

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Light My (Oil Well On) Fire

As retreating Iraqi military forces exited Kuwait during the first Gulf War, they intentionally set hundreds of oil wells on fire. This 1991 incident led to months of Herculean efforts to extinguish these fires and cap these wells. While the exact figure can never be...

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